Posada is one of the most picturesque village in the area. It is built on a spur of limestone rock 94 metres high and located in the middle of a fertile plain a few hundred meters from the beautiful beach of “Su Tiriarzu”.

The old town centre is characterized by an impressive medieval castle, the “Castello della Fava” and several ancient houses built on a rocky spur overlooking the plain, connected to each other by charming alleys and steps.

Within walking distance you can visit the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, founded in 1324 and rebuilt in 1600. The ruins of the castle are accessible via a steep path at the side of the building.

Just a few steps away from the outer walls you can enjoy the main tower 20 meters high. Built with limestone, the historic square tower is accessible by a stair. From the terrace you can admire the wonderful view of the fertile plain, the sea and the hills.

Around the castle stood the ancient Feronia, an destroyed city of Etruscan origin dedicated to the memory of the goddess of freed slaves Feronia and of the goddess of the harvest Cerere. Here was discovered the bronze statuette called “Ercole Nemeo” that you can see at the Archaeology Museum of Cagliari. Also interesting to visit are the Domus de Janas.

Nearby there is the artificial lake of Posada, created by the construction of the barrage of Maccheronis and now a great place for fishing lovers.

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