LineaBlu TV report: the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

The fifth episode of the 20th edition of the TV programme Lineablu, was on air Saturday July 6 at 2:00 pm on Rai 1 channel. The episode talked about the most beautiful beaches of Italy from the point of view of nature, such as those of Posada situated on the northeastern coast of Sardinia.

Donatella Bianchi has started off with original pictures and videos showing the historical and natural heritage of Posada’s coasts. Then, talked about the project of the protected river port of Posada, that involves five villages and connects the inland to the estuary of the Rio Posada.

She has met the fishers of Santa Lucia di Siniscola in order to talk about some of the problems of fisheries and the future of fishing industry in an environmental protected area.

Fishers of Santa Lucia have things in common with fishers in Ponza Island, since a small community moved from there to Posada at the beginning of 1900.

After visiting the amazing beaches of Bidderosa and Berchida, it was the turn of the mysterious wreck named “La Ferrata”, in waters 40 feet deep off the coast of Capo Comino. It is probably a sinking of ship, today a deposit of scrap iron and home for several species of fish.

From Caprera, well-known for wind and water sports, Fabio Gallo talked about sailing, a passion and an environmentally friendly sport.

The last part of the tv programme was dedicated to a competition from the fish market of Terracina.

Corrado Piccinetti and Giorgio Calabrese competed in the kitchen, talking about wine, food and nutrition topics.

Article published by http://lineablu.rai.it

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