Posada awarded with the 5 Sails

Posada in Sardinia is the queen of summer 2013: it gained the 5 sails of Legambiente and Touring Club. The island is at the top of the national list for the greatest number of sails achieved: rewarded also Villasimius, Baunei and Bosa.

The City Council of Posada – as Legambiente and Touring club confirm – is in the front line for preserving and promoting the environment, as evidenced by the newly enacted legislation to save the coasts that allowed the environmental clean-up, the renaturalization of 8 kilometers of sand hills and the refurbishment of the bridge that leads to the beach of “Su Tiriarzu”.

Moreover, two new beach entrances were built, with little bridges and wood boardwalks.

They keep going with the custody and surveillance of the Orvile’s pine forest, as well as with the project of the sea car park with the ticket that offers a free guide visit to the old town centre of Posada. The income is used for improving the usability of the beaches, maintenance service and sea rescue service.

In terms of waste management has been built a municipal eco centre for increasing the separate collection of rubbish and recycling. The town is well known also for using renewable energy sources by the use of solar photovoltaic panels.

Moreover, Posada City Council is working hard to develop the new Regional Park of Tepilora, in order to protect and promote the Rio Posada river basin. The project includes awareness campaign at schools. Main partner in this project is the environmental education centre of “Fiumi e Castelli della Sardegna”, located on the old town centre of Posada at “Casa delle Dame”.

Posada has achieved the best result and the island has the greatest number of places that won 4 or 5 sails (about 18). Four Sardinia’s beaches have achieved the best result in the ranking of Blue Guide 2013, thanks to the excellence in preserving the natural beauty and the natural heritage. They are about one-third of the 15 winning places.

Legambiente said also Villasimius in the Cagliari area, Baunei in the Ogliastra coast and Bosa in the Oristano area have introduced innovative environmental protection policies in order to improve the quality of the offer for tourists.

Villasimius with its amazing clear water, the environmental protection and a proper waste management has achieved the fifth place.

Particularly noteworthy is also a marine protected area, that provides a baseline for monitoring the natural resources, by offering opportunities for habitat and a species recovery programme.

Baunei in the Ogliastra area with its 30 kilometers of coasts has reached the eighth place in the ranking. Here you can find beautiful exclusive beaches, like Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzè and Cala Sisine.

“Here, the local institutions have controlled the flow of tourists, offering a high quality services”, as Vincenzo Tiana Regional President of Legambiente said.

Bosa (Or) has achieved the tenth place in the ranking, with many kilometres of wild coastline and a city council that for years has pursued a policy of quality environmentally management. Furthermore, they have adopted a new legislation to protect the only native species of griffin in Italy.

Article published by UnioneSarda.IT

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